Welcome to the Ranch

Free range, organic fed chickens, happy chickens that lay happy eggs. Organic fed free range whole chickens. Pasture raised, grass fed beef.

These are some of the products that we offer to everyone who has an avid interest in a healthier lifestyle, and to those who grew up knowing what farm fresh really meant.

At PSR, we strive to bring farm fresh to your home on a regular basis, whether you meet us at a farmer's market, or we bring it straight to your door, we do our best to make you happy with what you get from us.

In the beginning, we started out as a hobby farm; feeding our small flock of forty laying hens with the best organic feed we

could find.

Hard to believe that was only a few short years ago. we have expanded, we are now a member of the Alberta Egg farmers association, as well as having a small herd of cattle, and a bigger flock of chickens; yes, time certainly goes by quickly, but we continue to provide farm fresh to you and your family.

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Organic Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs